Re: Oracle RAC

From: Tim X <>
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2009 17:42:23 +1000
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joel garry <> writes:
>> In our shop we run W3K and databases run for months in a row without ever
>> needing to shutdown.  Now if you insist on installing every MS Security
>> patch every time new ones come out, obviously you cannot achieve that kind
>> of uptime.
> Oh man, do you see the problem here? Facing probable script kiddies
> student environment without the latest security patches? Yikes!

hehe. Even with the security patches it is a nightmare!

When we implemented our current student information system I ran into problems because our existing hardware wasn't up to spec. The 'management' solution was to try and move from Tru64 to Windows. the justification they had was it was cheaper and another bigger university was doing it that way.

We ended up convincing management to not do this and we convinced the vendor to do a Linux port. Last April, the bigger university came to us for help as the windows solution they adopted had been a complete failure and they were now moving to a Linux based RAC implementation.


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