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Re: Oracle 10g and JVM

From: Mark Bole <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 23:45:34 GMT
Message-ID: <ywJVe.682$>

Matthias Hoys wrote:

> "Mark Bole" <> wrote in message
> news:vVoVe.318$

>>Frank van Bortel wrote:
>>>Matthias Hoys wrote:
>>>>Is JVM a required part of Oracle 10g ? What software/features won't work 
>>>>anymore if I don't install it ? Intermedia ?

>>OK, I'll bite -- why would you _not_ want to install by default the JVM in 
>>Oracle 10g (assuming it is already not present on your machine in one form 
>>or another)?

> Just installed a db WITHOUT JVM, Intermedia and XML db - we just need a data
> warehouse db that stores data in tables - that's all ;-)
> Oh, btw : dbconsole is running fine and no errors whatsoever in alert log or
> trace files, no invalid packages ... where did you read that dbconsole
> requires JVM ?

Let me start with clear terminology: "database control" is the new (in 10g) webapp (java-based HTTP server) that Oracle intends for people to use as the primary GUI for database management and monitoring. This is also known as "grid control" if you set up an OEM repository and manage multiple databases with it. It (database control) typically runs on the same server as the RDBMS, is invoked with the "emctl" command, listens on port 5500, and you access it from the client using your web browser (no Oracle software whatsoever required on the client). It uses OAS, which of course requires JVM (again, on the server).

"Java console" is the legacy client application (previously known as DBA Studio) that runs on the client and is invoked (under Unix) as "oemapp dbastudio". This runs on your local workstation (client) and of course requires JVM locally, as well as the rest of the Oracle client software stack.

So, when you say "dbconsole is running fine" I can only assume you mean the Java console, not the database control, which is what I referred to in my original reply.

OEM database control supports much more functionality than OEM Java console (such as ASM management), although there are still some things that even Oracle says require the Java console in version 10g.

Per my previous reply, I was simply wondering what problem or issue you were trying to address by not installing JVM as part of the default RDBMS install.

-Mark Bole Received on Tue Sep 13 2005 - 18:45:34 CDT

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