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Re: pros/cons of dedicated vs. MTS connections?

From: Joe Weinstein <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 17:12:22 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Mark Bole wrote:

> Joe Weinstein wrote:

>> Hi. I have an application which makes several (10-50)
>> separate JDBC connections to an Oracle DBMS, and uses
>> these connections indefinitely. Can you tell me any
>> reason I would prefer or care about whether the DBMS
>> is configured sa MTS or not?
>> thanks
>> Joe

> Is this the same Joe Weinstein from BEA who has posted numerous times
> over the years on various Usenet groups on the topics of JDBC, Weblogic,
> and so on?
> I'm only asking because this seems an odd "newbie" question for the real
> Joe Weinstein to be asking... Sorry if I am making a false assumption,
> but this group has been subject to forged posts before, so I though it
> better to ask and be sure. After all, I would expect someone from BEA
> to already be a source of authoritative information on this subject.
> The answer, as others have posted, is to use only dedicated server for
> almost any kind of JDBC connection pool.

Hi Mark! Yes I continue to forge my own posts! ;) I have recently discovered I don't know everything. ;) I do dwell most often in the JDBC client space, and might have informed opinions on DBMSes from that point of view, but I would bow to most people in this newsgroup when it comes to an intimate knowledge of Oracle the DBMS.
I appreciate your confirmation about a dedicated server. Is there any official Oracle documentation stating such as clearly as that? Or can you point me to a post that delineates why?
thanks again!
Joe Weinstein at BEA

> Quoting Joe Weinstein:
> "The point is that I'm not *only* a DBMS guy. My specialty
> (since '96) is Java-database connectivity (JDBC). BEA (weblogic)
> developed the first JDBC drivers for Oracle, Sybase, Informix,
> and MS SQLServer. Before that, for 8 years I was,
> joining the startup as it's 100th-or-so employee. I work with most
> DBMSes all the time, and if people stopped using DBMSes, I'd be
> out of a job. I just now know that their proper purview is
> not unlimited... ;)"
> -Mark Bole
Received on Tue Sep 13 2005 - 19:12:22 CDT

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