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Re: Article about supposed "murky" future for Oracle

From: rkusenet <>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 19:33:10 -0500
Message-ID: <c4d3eu$2gbbko$>

"Daniel Morgan" <> wrote

> But if you think there is some way to tune Informix to be faster than
> DB2 or Oracle perhaps you could explain to me why this page:
> doesn't contain the word "Informix" anywhere on it.

that is because Informix never went for tpc results for the last many years, even before IBM bought it. This has been a often discusses point in c.d.i, much to the chargin of informix users.

> In fact I'd like to see you find me any benchmark certified by a
> credible independent organization that supports this oft-repeated
> rant about how fast Informix is.

and then?? U can prompt declare it to be useless. Shall I show an eweek benchmark which puts mysql (that is mysql and MSSQL) as fast as Oracle. Is that credible enuf for you.

> Is it being used to run any major credit card company?

VISA is an informix customer. AMEX also is, but I don't know which application they use.

> Any major bank?

many. Wellsfargo I know one.

> Any stock exchanges? Any
> government databanks such as CIA, Homeland Security? NSA? FBI?
> Perhaps it is being used to host a major web site like
> or eBay?
> Didn't think so.

Perhaps walmart, Home depot, Bloomberg, AAA, Walgreens, Longs Drugs , Sony and others are not big companies.

Look this is not an Oracle vs Informix war. We all know who won and who lost it. I won't even venture on it.

If u think a product is superior in performance just bcos of market share, then pretty soon u will have to admit a lot about SQLServer. If it is about tpc and other 'independent' results, then DB2 and MYSQL can also claim to be as fast or faster than Oracle. Received on Tue Mar 30 2004 - 18:33:10 CST

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