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From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2018 19:46:19 -0400
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Hi Ravi,

First, the move from Oracle to MySQL (or Aurora) is a business decision, not a technological decision. Such move is usually being caused by the cost, not by technological merits of one database over the other database. There are several things about Oracle pricing that you must have in mind:

Also, if your company has undergone an Oracle auditing, then the decision to abandon Oracle makes even more sense. Oracle auditing event can be compared with the "Is it safe?" scene from the movie "Marathon Man" or much more famous "squealing" scene from the movie "Deliverance".

As for the benchmark part of your question, you are trying to compare Chevy Camaro  with an 18-wheeler. Is Camaro faster? It certainly is. Can you transport 40 tons of stuff in a Camaro? Probably not. It all depends on your business needs. How are you using your database? I would probably have a problem with any version of MySQL being used as a mixed mode OLTP/reporting database which needs to support 5000 simultaneous online users, with 99.99% availability requirement. Those requirements are fairly modest and correspond to medium size insurance company or an HMO. Major banks, major retailers like Walmart, Target, CostCo or Amazon, communication companies like AT&T, Time-Warner, Charter and Verizon  or credit card companies like American Express or Visa Inc. all have much more than 5000 simultaneous users. All of them have databases which need to be up 99.99% of the time, 365 days per year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Some of their databases are gigantic, 100's of TB.  We are probably on the verge of the 1st PB database at one of those companies. Only Oracle and DB2 can do that.

On the other hand, if your company is relatively small, with the database being used to power a website, visited by around 50 simultaneous users at any given moment,  you may get by with some variant of MySQL. Long story short, it all depends on your business requirements. Benchmarks are irrelevant, TPC went down the drain when Oracle withdrew from the organization. There is no relevant benchmark for databases. It seems that in your case, the business decision has already been made. If you disagree with it, look for another job. It's the only honest thing to do. The fact that you are against that decision is completely irrelevant. You have to think about your career: do you want to become an Aurora DBA? You will probably have an opportunity not only to learn Aurora, but to become AWS certified person, which can look pretty good on your resume. Do you want to remain Oracle DBA? That is a legacy job which has always paid well, although it's getting harder by the day to find a good Oracle-only job. It's about what you want. Your company has already made a business decision. Now, it's your turn.

On 04/05/2018 04:09 PM, Ravi Teja Bellamkonda wrote:
> Hi List,
> My organization is planning on moving from Oracle to Aurora MySQL
> (capability of having Read Replicas) for the sake of performance and
> scalability which I am completely against as I believe that having the
> capability of scaling will not solve all the problems.
> I cannot find any benchmarks comparing Oracle with MySQL. Can someone
> please provide insights on whether this is a even a good move as I am
> new to MySQL and not sure how good it is in terms of performance when
> compared with Oracle. As far as I know Oracle is better performant.
> Your time is appreciated.
> --
> Thanks & Regards,
> Ravi Teja

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