Re: Performance comparison of Oracle Vs Aurora MySQL

From: Ravi Teja Bellamkonda <>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2018 14:28:12 -0700
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Thanks Andy and Jeremiah for your inputs. I will update once we reach a stage where we will run some performance tests on both flavors. Maybe the results could provide a conclusive answers.

I agree on the part that performance of databases depends on the way schema is being used.

On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 2:16 PM, Andy Sayer <> wrote:

> One of the main differences will be to do with feautures available to you,
> if you take advantage of Oracle functionality then you will either need to
> find the alternative in your target system or accept you can’t have it.
> Things like compression are likely to be implemented differently, maybe
> better, maybe worse. Obviously you no longer have PL/SQL, But there may be
> an equivalent.
> A fundemental difference will be how transactions work in either system,
> you will need to relearn everything. A quick google suggests that InnoDB
> has MVCC Non-Blocking Reads which suggests it might not be as much of a
> nightmare as others but that’s no excuse to not read up.
> The rest of the performance is not going to be down to the cache
> management or the details of how it allows you to recover after a crash. It
> will be pure and simply the amount of work that your code requires the
> database to do. If your code is sensible and effecient then there’s no
> reason it shouldn’t also be good enough on a different RDBMS. If your code
> demands the DB to do lots of work (chatty slow by slow applications, or
> ones that don’t understand filtering etc) then no matter what RDBMS you run
> it in, you’re gonna have a bad time.
> Ultimately, you are going to rewrite and retest all of your code. It will
> take a long time depending on how much time you’ve already invested in your
> code in Oracle.
> Hope that helps,
> Andrew

Thanks & Regards,
Ravi Teja Bellamkonda.

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