global pragma exception init

From: dd yakkali <>
Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 14:04:01 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Is there any way to create a global pragma excetpion init list in PL/SQL

For example I have this in a package spec.

insert_null_into_notnull EXCEPTION;

PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT (insert_null_into_notnull, -1400);

update_null_to_notnull EXCEPTION;

PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT (update_null_to_notnull, -1407);

i do not want do define them in every package/procedure/function, I want them defined at one place and want every package/procedure/function to use them. Is there any to achieve this? I am not a PL/SQL expert, so pardon my ignorance.



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