Re: global pragma exception init

From: Kurt Franke <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 22:21:18 +0200
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>Is there any way to create a global pragma excetpion init list in PL/

> For example I have this in a package spec.
> insert_null_into_notnull EXCEPTION;
> PRAGMAEXCEPTION_INIT(insert_null_into_notnull,-1400);
> update_null_to_notnull EXCEPTION;
> PRAGMAEXCEPTION_INIT(update_null_to_notnull,-1407);
> i do not want do define them in every package/procedure/function, I
> want them defined at one place and want every package/procedure/
> function to use them. Is there any to achieve this? I am not a PL/SQL
> expert, so pardon my ignorance.

the closest methode to do this in an oracle supported way is to put those declarations in a separate package and use it with a full qualified name.

create package exc
  insert_null_into_notnull EXCEPTION;
  PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT(insert_null_into_notnull,-1400);   update_null_to_notnull EXCEPTION;
  PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT(update_null_to_notnull,-1407); end exc;

create procedure use_exc

  • application specific code ... NULL; exception when exc.insert_null_into_notnull then
    • application specific handling RAISE; end use_exc;



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