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Recently I got a call from Headhunter.
They needed a ETL developer and ready to pay $110/Hr. The same group needed a ETL Architect/Modeler also and They are ready to pay $65/Hr. The number do look strange and interesting.


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Hehe, not too long ago, when I was looking for a new gig, I was talking to a headhunter who needed a top notch Oracle guy for a 2-3 month gig (i.e. short term). They needed RAC knowledge, performance tuning expert and what-not. Sounded interesting. Pay? $40/hr. Talk about falling out of the chair laughing. haha. He then asked if I knew someone else interested and I told him, truthfully, that I didn't know anyone that would work any job for that rate.

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> That reminds me of a time way back in the dark ages(1998), Oracle Corp
> called and said "Hey we are interested in you becoming our hot-shot
> person for the state of ohio, you'll be on-call 24x365, have to be at
> a client site in < 3 hrs from when we call you, day or night, and
> we'll pay you $70K/yr, you interested?",
> I about fell out of my chair laughing.
> Joe

It's still like that as I'm sure you know. Many large companies only contract through a list of "preferred vendors". If you want in you have to sub-contract through them. They will take anywhere from 25-50% of the pie. All they do is push papers across the table.

>When I first started with Oracle, back in '90, I was a contractor. My
>pay was $9.50/hour. The contracting company charged the Bureau of Mines
>ADP group $21.50/hour for me. The ADP group (who all contracts had to
>go through) charged the office I was working for $35.00/hour.



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