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Re: Are Mladen Gogala Advices useful?

From: Giovanni Cuccu <>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 15:20:57 +0100
Message-ID: <>

I join to this kidding

I think that both Mladen and Juan Carlos could get enourmous success on an Italian TV program called "Zelig" where actors do cabaret. Since every actors team must have a name I propose this one Husband and wife
I let you decide who is who


> Really sorry for this OT.
> Hi list, this is a very important complaing against this list.
> I think this list is unfair with Mladen.
> Once I follow his advice to solve a problem and I formated a disk, and
> voila, my problem dissapeared ( and the datafiles, tablespaces, user
> data ... and my job).
> Is true it created another problems, but Mladen said the true, the
> problem was solved.
> Maybe you still ask you how are Mladen advices useful?
> For example, imagine you format a disk by mistake, you can go to all
> the post Mladen did (because you never trash as I do). And then go to
> your boss and say "Sorry I didn't know about os, I follow this advice
> I found on internet, sorry."
> Then thanks to Mladen you keep your job. That is the reason because I
> say all advices are usefull, it depends the moment.
> Other situation can be, if you don't have too much job, and your boss
> is thinking to fire some one, you can follow one of this advices, and
> then, voila, something is damaged and you keep your job (and maybe
> some friend too) thanks to Mladen.
> Now you understand you love Mladen?
> Now you understand why I want to marry him and become his husband?
> Once I marry him I think we'll open a circus.
> So please be fair with Mladen. :)
> for you Mladen @>--- with all my love,
> yours for ever. Cachito.


Giovanni Cuccu
Dianoema S.p.A.
Via de' Carracci 93 40131 Bologna
Tel: 051-7098211   051-4193911
No man does it all by himself,
I said young man,
put your pride on the shelf
Received on Fri Feb 18 2005 - 09:24:32 CST

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