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From: Bill Becker <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 11:08:37 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Huh? We use cognos transformer and enterprise server on Solaris, because that's also where our Oracle db resides.

Cognos told us they were "re-emphasizing" the unix side of the business, because they realized it was significant.

We evaluated Business Objects/Brio/Cognos back in 1998, and went with Cognos because they gave us Impromptu and PowerPlay (cubes and catalogs) for about the same price as the other two (just catalogs, or equiv). The others have probably improved since then, but their concept of "cube" was definitely different from cognos' back then.

Building Cognos cubes is a resource hog; requires lots of disk space for their sorting temp files, and lots of memory/cpu. We have found problems when we try to build two large (~ 2GB) cubes simultanously, and we try to schedule these off-hours, but it is not unusual for large cubes to take 12 - 24 hrs to build. On the other hand, we have built as many as four small (< 500M) cubes simultaneously without problems.

I would agree with the comment that it is not simple to learn these tools, and not simple to administer them.

Hope this helps.


That's too true. For a while we were building cubes on UNIX (actually HP-UX) systems, but Cognos completely desupported UNIX systems. And even when then did, the Windows cubes built a lot faster than the UNIX cubes did.

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    One last point to add to my reply of before. They don't support HP-UX, actually I don't think they support any Unix.

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