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Oracle migration

From: Bill Becker <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:55:12 -0800
Message-ID: <>

You may want to review metalink doc id 188061.1 entitled "Upgrading Directly to an 8.1.7 Patch Set". We followed this for an upgrade to on Solaris.

However, this does require setting up a new oracle_home. A summary of the steps are:

  1. Install the base directory tree in a new oracle home. Do NOT use the installer program to upgrade/migrate your existing database, and do NOT create a new database.
  2. Download the patch, unzip it, untar it. Use the installer to apply the patch to the new oracle_home.
  3. Upgrade the old database to the new database; basically, you copy the old init.ora to the new oracle_home, startup restrict, run the appropriate upgrade script.
  4. Clean-up: move all datafiles, rbs, redo, control, dump dirs, from old oracle_home to new oracle_home.

This wasn't simple. We practiced this procedure on two test instances before we upgraded our production instance, but it worked OK.

We did run into two problems after upgrading. ORA-00164: autonomous transaction disallowed within distributed transaction. Search metalink for ORA-000164 if you'es using pl/sql code with autonomous/distibuted transactions.
The other problem happened because we changed character sets to WE8ISO8859P1, and did not have NLS_LANG defined in our export scripts. This resulted in EXP-00041, but was easy to fix by defining NLS_LANG.

Hope this helps.



My Two Cents'...

It seems to me that you're gonna have to install the code in order to apply the patch. So where's the problem? You install 8.1.7, upgrade the DB, apply the .2 patch, and it's Miller Time.


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One of the DBA's here needs to migrate a fairly sizeable database from to on Solaris. The doc's state that it is advisable to migrate to and then go to but we don't have installed and don't want to install it unless we really have to. Anyone know if it is possible to migrate directly to (docs don't explicitly say it can't be done but don't seem to suggest it either).


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