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Hi Mladen,

After rereading the whole thread once again I also came to conclusion that the terms “troubleshooting” and “tuning” have been used interchangeably (included by myself). It’s good to make that distinction.


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Hi Nenad,

The whole confusion comes from the fact that we are talking about two different processes. One is troubleshooting, which happens as a reaction to troubles of any kind. Typical example of troubleshooting is a question "why did my report take twice as long last night as it normally does?". That is troubleshooting.

Tuning is a conscious and systematic effort to improve performance of an application. It frequently includes not just code changes but also changes to the data model. Tuning is not a reactive process but a proactive process. Tuning usually happens in the development phase, as a part of the development process. Troubleshooting happens in production. There are certain similarities in the techniques involved, and that causes the confusion between those two rather distinct processes.

And then, there is trouble making, which is apparently something that I excel at.


On 03/07/2018 04:23 PM, Nenad Noveljic wrote:

I'm so glad to have both options to choose from and I really think both of them have their strengths.

With regard to the granularity of diagnostic information, SQL trace is indeed beyond compare to any other software I've ever seen. What I mean by that is it leaves the information about every single database and system call (i.e. wait event) performed within a traced session.

On the other hand, ASH is great for correlating events like latch and mutex waits across the database, especially if used in combination with Tanel Poder's Snapper. Besides that, there is no trace left for unexpected issues, so ASH might be the only source of information available in such case.


2018-03-06 23:23 GMT+01:00 Mladen Gogala <<>>: Paperwork for trace? What kind of paperwork? Top secret SQL_Trace clearance? License to trace, only for DBA personnel with double zero codes? I'd like my Mountain Dew shaken, not stirred. I don't know about you, but I usually did my tracing on development and UAT systems, and no paperwork was required. When you have a problem with application performance, you profile it and trace it, to see where the time is spent. That's simply the method applicable across the IT industry. Plus, you don't need license for diagnostic and tuning packs, which is required for ASH.

On 03/06/2018 02:33 AM, Dominic Brooks wrote: Which is a good job because turning tracing on for a production session and then getting hold of trace files takes too long and takes too much paperwork for many organisations, even if you are a DBA which I am not so it’s even more difficult.

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