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Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 17:18:25 +0300
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> The whole confusion comes from the fact that we are talking about two
> different processes.

First of all, original question was about troubleshooting. Secondly, it doesn't matter what are you talking about, sql trace is still sql trace and it still has cons I mentioned previously. It's like to use a magnifying glass for any question about unknown subject, though you may asked about spectrographic analysis or just find a color... Moreover usually tuning includes not only simple single session wait events analysis, but also performance testing, load testing, stress testing using special tools like HP Loadrunner, Jmeter, etc... Often such tests are longer than 4-6 hours and sql trace adds notable overhead for them. Using real-time tools you can find the problem much earlier and you can stop test or fix the issue to save a time. It's very important because such testing contains several iterations. It's ok if you work on per-hour basis, in other cases it's better to improve own productivity.

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> Hi Nenad,
> The whole confusion comes from the fact that we are talking about two
> different processes. One is troubleshooting, which happens as a reaction to
> troubles of any kind. Typical example of troubleshooting is a question "why
> did my report take twice as long last night as it normally does?". That is
> troubleshooting.
> Tuning is a conscious and systematic effort to improve performance of an
> application. It frequently includes not just code changes but also changes
> to the data model. Tuning is not a reactive process but a proactive
> process. Tuning usually happens in the development phase, as a part of the
> development process. Troubleshooting happens in production. There are
> certain similarities in the techniques involved, and that causes the
> confusion between those two rather distinct processes.
> And then, there is trouble making, which is apparently something that I
> excel at.
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