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No worries Mladen. He is smarter than most horses.  

Once upon a time DBA was the pinnacle of career advancement through programmer, designer, business analyst, and software architect, often with a minor in system administration.  

With the injection of “junior DBA” (or operational DBA) as perhaps the majority by headcount, the evolution is back to the beginning with many things that can be automated or more effectively handled by offsite expertise leaving employee DBAs who want to keep a career path becoming more full service again.  

Great observation.  

Now about transform centered design…  


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Well, DBA evolved into a general computing SME. DBA has to know basics of an operating system, networking, security, storage and backup strategies. He or she is also frequently tasked with planning DR tests and/or DR strategies, which means that the DBA has to know a lot about backup, too. Tuning applications and SQL statements is self implied, too. Basically, a good DBA must be a stable genius (this is a US specific joke, I apologize bigly to those who will stare blankly at that phrase.  

On 03/02/2018 07:29 AM, Tefft, Michael J wrote:

At my last company, whenever there was a problem, the first place checked was the database.

Because the DBAs were the ones who could provide answers.

The other tiers were generally in the dark.


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