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From: Gediminas Narusevicius <genaru_at_RC.LRS.LT>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 08:36:38 -0500
Message-Id: <>

Fidelis Ekezue wrote:
>Does anyone out there have any experience installing ORACLE DATA BROWSER? I
>am trying to install ORACLE Data Browser on our LAN without much success.
>The installation on the UNIX workstation (ORACLE SERVER) is perfectly okay
>and I was able to install the Browser on a stand-alone PC running Windows
>3.1. We are running SQL*NET version 2.0 and the transport name is Novell LAN
>Workplace for DOS.
>My problem is how to install this product on the LAN file server.
>After the installation I received the following error message when I tried
>to run the Browser:
> BRW-15387: LOGIN failed
> ORA-12545: TNS: name lookup failure.
>I copied VSL.INI to the network window directory; and made sure the entries
>on WIN.INI and ORACLE.INI were correct. When I tried to run again, I
>received the following message:
> BRW-15387: Login Failed
> ORA-12203: TNS: unable to connect to destination
>I have to copy the latest TNSNAMES.ORA to the ORAWIN\NETWORK\ADMIN directory
>on the LAN server. After this operations, I checked out my UNIX servers to
>make sure they are LISTENING. One was, so I started the second one. And I
>ran the Browser Again from the LAN Server and it was successful. A little
>while after this, I ran the BROWSER again and received the same error
>message as above ORA-12203 and since then I have not be able to run the
>Please forward any tip or assistance to the address below or via e-mail.
>Fidelis Ekezue
>Chevron Nigeria Limited
>6001 Bollinger Canyon Road
>San Ramon, CA 94583

Hi Fidelis !

Few months ago I did successful installation of entire my Oracle stuff for Windows on LAN server. It included SQL*Net 2.0, Oracle TCP/IP Adapter, CDE Tools, Oracle Book 2.0, Oracle Data Browser and SQL*Plus 3.1. After some trials all of mentioned above connected to remote Oracle Servers successfuly.

Few thoughts about configuration I have implemented: - all clients start their own Windows at their workstations (if use Windows LAN installation, make sure all clients start Windows from the same installation),
- all Oracle networking DLLs are on LAN server - the DOS PATH must include directory ORAWIN\BIN on LAN (AUTOEXEC.BATs are adjusted at each workstation), - ORACLE.INI resides on LAN,
- the section [Oracle] and parameter ORA_CONFIG pointing into common ORACLE.INI included into WIN.INIs of all clients,
- ORACLE.INI parameter ORACLE_HOME points to the ORAWIN directory on LAN, - LOCAL = TNS:dbase, where dbase is the alias of a database most often connected to included in TNSNAMES.ORA,
- TNSNAMES.ORA resides on LAN directory ORAWIN\NETWORK\ADMIN, - definitions in TNSNAMES.ORA contains no hostname aliases - only numeric IP addresses are used. If using hostname aliases, make sure that all clients have accesible HOSTS files and there are IP addresses for each hostname used (as far as I remember TCPIP.EXE of Novell LAN Workplace must be started in directory containing NET.CFG; this file must contain following definitions:

        Protocol TCPIP
               PATH TCP_CFG directory

where directory points to the place where HOSTS and SERVICES reside), - VSL.INI is copied to WINDOWS directory of each workstation.

Hope this helps !

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