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Re: Reply to List? Sender?

From: almquist paul <almqpf_at_CVTC-CIS.CHIPPEWA.TEC.WI.US>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 14:55:09 CST
Message-Id: <>


> Summaries are *always* more useful than dozens of identical or nearly
> identical messages. The questioner *should* be responsible to take all the
> responses and summarize them. The person posing the question is also in the
> unique position of being able to try the suggestions and let the others know
> what did and what did not work...

I agree. Certainly summarizing does take some time but it is a small price to pay compared to the wealth of experience that is just a few key strokes away.

I was just thinking about this issue a coule of days ago. I have seen a number of 2-person dialogues and a lot of similar responses on this list over the past year.

As of a few of minutes ago there are 1221 Oracle-L list members. Before I respond to a posting I ask myself one question--do 1221 copies of this message need to be send around the world or will just one to the job. I usually decide on one (but not this time), and save the bandwidth for someone else.

I'd like to see the From header changed to the poster. If I want to respond to the list I'll just change the address when I reply. Perhaps a short tag could be added to the beginnng of the subject like [ORA] so it's easy to see from where the message came. Can the listserv program do this? I know some can.

I use Elm which shows the poster's name on the index page but it picks up the list's address when doing a reply.


PS--Who is going to keep a count of the votes?? I will unless some

        one has some vote counting software available.  Send your
        response to the following ballot to me. Just send 2 lines:
                Line 1 with a 1a or 1b
                Line 2 with a 2yes or 2no
        I'll post the results in a week.


        1. a - Reply to list (current practice)

           b - Reply to poster and who summaries and posts summary.

        2. Short tag, eg [ORA], added to beginning of subject
                Yes  /  No

Paul F. Almquist, Chippewa Valley Technical College Received on Mon Mar 13 1995 - 16:28:00 CST

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