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Complete References and Other Oracle Books (VB, SQL, etc.)

Oracle for Professionals - Covers Oracle 9i, 10g & 11g

Designed for new and experienced developers, this book provides all of the basics you would expect to find in an introductory text and at the same time serves those who want to harness the unexploited, overlooked power of SQL and PL/SQL with examples based on most commonly used business database models. It delves deeply into new features found in Oracle Database 11g, along with existing features found in Oracle Database 9i and 10g. CONTENTS OF THE CD-ROM Setup files for Oracle database 10g eXpress Edition. Video Footage of Installing Oracle Database 10g [XE] and 11g.

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Oracle Utilities: The Definitive Reference (Oracle In-Focus series)

Targeted toward experienced Oracle professionals who need to perform powerful system-wide operating system on their Oracle databases, this definitive guide includes details on all of the Oracle utilities, including an experts-only section on undocumented utilities, plus the Linux/UNIX utilities, Oracle command-line utilities, and the all-important DBA package utilities. Approaching Oracle Utilities from a functional perspective, this guide adds value by explaining the "why" and "how" for the use of all Oracle Utilities.

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Crystal Reports 9 on Oracle

Explore connectivity options, then delve into optimization methods that can be implemented in the Crystal environment, including the use of SQL Expressions and SQL Commands. Coverage includes an execution plan, optimization of indexes, and reduction of parsing, and Oracle-specific features such as external tables, Heterogeneous Connectivity, and Oracle Flashback. Common difficulties when using Oracle are described, and solutions provided.

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The Oracle® Cookbook

The Oracle Cookbook is a guide for intermediate and advanced programmers who deal with design, administration, and implementation aspects of Oracle databases. A general overview provides information on relational database management systems, logical data modeling and the relational model, the three schema architecture, SQL, and how these relate to Oracle and the task of implementing a production database. Practical tips and techniques help the reader fine-tune their Oracle database.

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Secret ORACLE - Unleashing the Full Potential of the ORACLE DBMS by Leveraging Undocumented Features

Secret ORACLE is the definitive guide to undocumented and partially documented features of the ORACLE database server. This book will improve your efficiency as an ORACLE database administrator and enable you to master more difficult administrative, tuning, and troubleshooting tasks than you ever thought possible. Topics covered include: The MERITS performance optimization method, which extends the state-of-the-art wait event tuning paradigm.

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Oracle Job Interview Handbook (IT Job Interview series)

The product of interviews with hundreds of Oracle professionals, this thorough guidebook provides useful insight into what characteristics make a good database administrator, offering helpful techniques to use while interviewing candidates for an Oracle DBA position. By using Oracle job interview questions that only an experienced person would be familiar with, employers can employ this incredible collection to ensure that their interviewer asks the right questions and hires the best-qualified DBA or developer available.
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Oracle Database 11g The Complete Reference (Osborne ORACLE Press Series)

The Definitive Guide to Oracle Database 11g

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Oracle on VMware: Expert Tips for Database Virtualization

Successfully meeting the challenges of combining VMware and Oracle, this comprehensive reference provides a broad spectrum of technological recommendations that demonstrate how to reliably and consistently achieve optimal configuration and maximum performance for any virtualized Oracle database scenario. The guide includes the best practices for virtualized servers, suggested virtualization server configuration, and recommendations for client operating system configuration for Oracle in a virtualized world.

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Beginning Oracle Application Express

Written by a highly respected Oracle expert and promoted by the Oracle Corporation, this beginner’s guide offers you hands-on, step-by-step guidance while walking you through the complete development process: creating, customizing, and extending an Oracle database application. Topics covered include reporting and charting, themes and templates, security, migrating to and integrating with the Oracle environment, and how to use packaged applications and work with multiple applications.

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Softwar: An Intimate Portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle

Softwar is a biography of Larry Ellison and his company, Oracle. As such, it's simultaneously a portrait of a clever and driven man, a case study of a successful software development company, and a tableau of the commercial software industry from its beginnings, through the dot-com craze, and into the present era.

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