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Gluing passing thoughts to foregone conclusions
Updated: 11 hours 24 min ago

Setting up Xubuntu in Lenovo Flex2 14D

Tue, 2014-09-16 01:29

Lenovo Flex2 14D is a good laptop with decent build quality, light weight, 14" screen and touch screen for those who like it. With AMD A6 processor version, it is reasonably priced too.

It comes pre-loaded wth Windows 8.1 and a bunch of Lenovo software. If you want to get this to dual boot with Ubuntu Linux, here are the specific fixes you need to do.

How to beat workday blues?

Fri, 2014-08-15 07:37

Let us face it - all of us feel like having achieved or done very little after spending a long day away from family. Then you look back and find that you could've spent some of that time with family at least!

I've been observing my work habits a lot and I think I have found out something that works for me.

I am summarizing these as a NOT-TODO list of 3 items. I am a software engineer by profession and by passion.

Has this worked for me? Absolutely much better than when I was not following these rules.