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What is a SYSOP?[edit]

Users with SYSOP status are generally referred to as 'administrators' or 'admins'.

What can a SYSOP do?[edit]

A SYSOP user can perform the following tasks:

  • Add content (like everyone else!)
  • Delete and undelete pages;
  • Protect and unprotect pages;
  • Block and unblock users/ IPs; and
  • Undo changed (rollback pages to a previous contributor's revision in contribs).

How to become a SYSOP?[edit]

All forum moderators are SYSOP's by default.

Other users who have made a significant contribution to this site can also apply. Please contact us via the feedback form (must be logged in).

Who are the SYSOP's?[edit]

A list of the SYSOPs on this wiki is available at