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dbForge Studio for Oracle is an Oracle database development tool developed by Devart. The tool helps you to increase PL/SQL coding speed, provides you versatile data editing tools for managing in-database and external data. It allows you to synchronize data between different Oracle servers and automate schema change management process during development. Product also adds many other features wrapped into a smooth UI consistent with Visual Studio.


Devart dbForge Studio for Oracle

[edit] History

The first version was released on 31 May 2005 under the name OraDeveloper Studio. Version 3.1.260 (released on the 09-Apr-2013) contains multiple improvements and enhancements comparing to the 3.1 version released on the 06th of December, 2011.

dbForge Studio for Oracle, v.3.5 has been released in October, 2013. The update has Oracle 12c support, optimized application performance for working with Oracle servers, new code formatter and extended code completion capabilities.

[edit] Feature list

PL/SQL coding assistant

  • Automatic code completion and statement expansion
  • Code snippets for re-using PL/SQL fragments
  • Quick information on schema objects in a popup window
  • Document outline window for navigation through code

Data management tools

  • Data editor with quick filtering, sorting, grouping, copying to spreadsheet, and export to SQL
  • Data export and import supporting multiple formats
  • Data reports designer with report generation in multiple formats for Oracle
  • Master-detail data browser
  • Pivot table designer

Database change management tools

  • Schema comparison and synchronization tool for Oracle
  • Schema snapshots creation and comparison
  • Data comparison and synchronization tool for Oracle
  • Command-line interface support for database development process automation

For a comprehensive list of features please visit the Feature page

[edit] Installation

To install the tool, it is necessary to double-click the exe file and follow the prompts in the wizard. The tool can be upgraded using the built-in wizard. If a new version is available on the Devart website, you are automatically prompted about it when you start the tool.

[edit] Availability

dbForge Studio for Oracle comes in three editions:

Express gives you the basic FREE Oracle database tool. It includes schema object editors, security manager, basic code completion, basic data export and import, restricted query builder.

Standard works fine for everyday Oracle development tasks. It adds advanced code completion, PL/SQL debugger, database search, query profiler.

Professional includes extra tools to advance your Oracle development to a new level. It adds database projects, schema comparison tool, data comparison tool, command-line interface.

You can find the detailed edition comparison table here.

Benefits 30-day fully-functional product trial 30-day money-back guarantee policy Volume discounts free 1-year subscription for updates and technical support

Product support

If you have any problems with the product or questions or suggestions concerning it, you can send an e-mail to its developers or write them at the company forum, and you will be answered shortly.

[edit] Conclusion

With a clear GUI and simple logic, dbForge Studio for Oracle is one of the most reliable tools for Oracle database management that can be applied by a wide range of people dealing with Oracle databases to solve routine Oracle database tasks.

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