Database Production Acceptance

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The following Database Production Acceptance Criteria must be met before a database can be accepted into production:

License and install Oracle software[edit]

All software used on the server must be licensed. The database software installed must be supported by Oracle (no old database releases). All required patches and patch sets must be installed. Installation must comply with the Oracle OFA standard.

Database layout and space requirements carefully planned[edit]

Database file and tablespace placement must be carefully planned and laid out. Tablespace, table and index storage parameters must be set to appropriate values. Data and indexes must reside on different disks. Sufficient capacity must be available to allow for future growth.

Database restore and recovery tested[edit]

All database restore and recovery scenarios must be tested to ensure that they are working as expected.

DRP/ BCP plans must be in place and tested[edit]

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) and Business Continuance Plans (BCP) must be approved and where necessary tested. DBAs need to be in possession of a copy of the DRP and BCP plans.

Database environment must be secure[edit]

Database security must be implemented (users, roles and privileges). Only DBAs may have access to DBA accounts. DBAs cannot be held accountable if they cannot control the environment.

Database monitoring tools activated[edit]

Database monitoring tools (like DBVision and ServerVision) must be properly installed and working. Critical messages must be escalated (E-mail, SMS, Pagers, Console, Video Wall, etc).

SLA must be available and approved[edit]

Service Level Agreements (SLA) must be in place and approved by all relevant parties. DBAs need to be in possession of a copy of the SLA.

Configuration Management[edit]

Database and machine configuration information must be entered into the configuration database (CMDB).

All Change Requests (RFC's) must be approved and handled in accordance with the company's Change Management Policy.

Schedule of maintenance procedures for the application[edit]

All database and application maintenance schedules must be available and well documented. Examples: index rebuilds, segment analysis, database reorganisations, etc.