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Application Integration Architecture (AIA) allows developers to build composite applications - and will allow customers to integrate various applications (like 11i/R12, Siebel, PeopleSoft, third party application and custom applications), in such a way that it will not be affected by upgrades of certain components.

AIA will also be used in Fusion Applications.

Currently, Oracle offers two components with AIA:

  • Industry Process Integration Packs (PIPs)
  • Industry Reference Models

Process Integration packs[edit]

Process Integration Packs (PIPs) are used to integrate applications across product lines.

For example:

Reference models[edit]

Oracle's Industry Reference Models are documented industry best practices that can be used to build a more responsive IT infrastructure, while protecting your existing technology investment. They provide documented business processes that allow for the creation of custom, integrated process flows across heterogeneous environments.

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