[ann] hamsterdb Transactional Storage (thanks to all of you)

From: Christoph Rupp <cruppstahl_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 02:26:58 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <8f281084-c961-4ad7-818c-df2425c24198_at_c2g2000yqi.googlegroups.com>

Dear comp.databases.theory Group,

over the last one or two years you helped me a couple of times when i asked silly questions, mainly about transactions, isolation levels etc.

Now i'm really happy to tell you that i finally released the first beta version of hamsterdb Transactional Storage. if you're curious about implementation details, feel free to ask, look at the source or read the whitepaper (link is below).

In a nutshell:

  • ACID compliant transactions in a lock-free architecture; Transactions do not hold locks during their life-time. Conflicts are resolved in memory, without accessing the disk
  • Fast; performance-relevant functions are moved to the background
  • Logical, idempotent logging and Recovery
  • Multithreaded; every handle can be used from arbitrary threads
  • portable ANSI-C code (Linux/Unix/Win32)
  • Easy to use


The linux/unix version is stable - but win32 still has some issues (although it works most of the time). This release is not intended for production use.

The next releases will improve performance, improve win32 and add more features (Cursors, duplicate keys, more transaction isolation levels...)


Best regards
Christoph Received on Mon Jul 20 2009 - 11:26:58 CEST

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