Calculated Industries 3401 Mortgage PaymentCalc Residential Mortgage Finance Calculator

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Date: Friday, 22 May 09 10:38:17 GMT
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This calculator is easy for beginners and very easy to use. It is a little large but for home or at the office it's great. Paid a little more for this calculator than other brands on the market - but this product is SO EASY to use! Instead of using a "bunch" of keys to get the results, a "few" are used instead. The shipping was fast and the packaging was VERY secure! Need an easy-to-use, inexpensive desktop-size loan calculator for instant mortgage solutions? The Mortgage PaymentCalc helps you quickly and easily compare loan options. Find a monthly payment based on different loan amounts, interest rates or terms. Find a loan amount based on a payment your client can afford including Interest-Only payments. Confidently determine the total interest and payments paid and the future value of a home. It is ideal for mortgage lenders, brokers, investors, loan officers, mortgage processors, real estate agents and anyone who needs fast financing solutions: Helps you solve for: Interest-only payment options. Loan amortization and remaining balances. Instant principal and interest payment. Future values and appreciation. Date-math.

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