Gerber 46036 E.A.B. Saw 2 Blades, Coarse+Fine with Sheath

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Date: Friday, 22 May 09 9:15:55 GMT
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This is an excellent little saw. Bought two of them since we are volunteers that maintain several hiking trails and need to cut down any windfalls that maybe on the trails. Folds nicely and is easy to carry on a backpack. Would recommend to anyone. I had one of these that was fantastic. My mom saw me pruning with it and was impressed. I promptly gave it to her as I figured I would just order another (which I did). The replacement is NOT AT ALL AS GOOD. The blade doesn't cut as well. The older one even well used cut like a dream compared to the replacement that was brand new. Old one was made in usa, replacement was made in prc. I have no clue whether that is the reason but I am now looking for an NOS old one everywhere I go. I've used this saw on all my backpacking trips for the past 4-5 years. It's fantastic, and I've definitely been able to cut through whole trees/logs close to the 6-inch diameter (length of blade). For those of you wanting the weight specs: 5.1oz Saw and one blade 1.0oz Nylone case The blade folds into the plastic handle quite well, without leaving any sharp edges exposed, so you could definitely pack the saw without the case if desired. Excellent saw. Cut very well all type of wood, only problem is the handle.I broked mine while cutting a branch, no way to fix it,no screws in it,except the one for the blade. I wish they can make the same saw with a well reinforced handle. It works so good cutting without any effort.I will return mine and get another one,hope I wont have the same problem with the handle. The Gerber Gator Exchange-A Blade Saw has a textured non-slip Kraton insert fastened into an ergonomic glass filled A.B.S. handle. The saw provides a great way of changing or replacing blades when needed. It comes with a coarse double cutting blade and a

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