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From: H. S. Lahman <>
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 16:26:13 GMT
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Responding to Cressey...

OK, I will bite and assume this is not simply an attempt to be completely facetious...

> I've been mulling over the discussion about mixing OO and DB, with an eye
> towards coming up with a system that permits an object world and a
> relational schema to interact and collaborate productively. So far, I've
> got three components that each cover a piece of the territory.

Why? It seems to me the existing technologies are more than adequate.

The RAD IDEs and layered model infrastructures already have CRUD/USER processing well covered.

For non-CRUD/USER applications one can abstract the existing RDB paradigm once in a subsystem. Then one can reuse that subsystem across applications by simply providing an application-specific interface (think: Facade pattern) and an external configuration file to map identity through that interface.

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