Re: Separate PK in Jxn Tbl?

From: Bob Badour <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 14:34:41 -0400
Message-ID: <47a214c2$0$4044$>

Salad wrote:

> Bob Badour wrote:

>> Salad wrote:
>>> Sylvain Lafontaine wrote:
>>>>> I concede the point that for the two keys of the junction table, 
>>>>> using an autonumber primary key is overkill except for special 
>>>>> situations.
>>>> Shouldn't a database be designed right from the beginning?
>>> I prefer KISS.
>> Well, the second S is right.

> Yes. That adequately describes you.
>>> Thus I prefer an autonumber.
>> So, adding a useless third column makes it simpler?!?

> Yes.

What can I say? Apparently, you are an idiot who could not recognize simple if it bit you on the ass. Plonk!

>>> Then again, junction tables are rarely needed.
>> That's a remarkable statement requiring extraordinary evidence. What 
>> evidence do you have to support such an assertion?

> Years ago, in the Access Developers Guide, one of the authors mentioned
> there wasn't much of a need for them as you could get the data thru
> other means and I agreed with the person back then and hold that opinion
> today. He did go and show examples of using them but the topic was not
> one of major importance. By and large, based on my experience, they are
> rarely needed.

I suppose, if one's experience is limited to a market where the median database has a single table with 500 records, that makes sense. Your opinion merely demonstrates the severe limitations of your experience.

> I don't know if you develop database systems. From what I've read in
> your responses to others, you come off more as a blowhard than a
> developer creating a useful product.

And this is why your experience will always remain severely limited. You lack imagination. Your mind cannot grasp someone who is both blunt and competent. Received on Thu Jan 31 2008 - 19:34:41 CET

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