Re: Attribute-values in separate table

From: Frank Hamersley <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 11:12:22 GMT
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paul c wrote:

> Nice story. I mean "nice" the way "Ounslo", Mrs. Hyacinthe Bucket's
> brother-in-law says it (can't remember the name of that Britcom but her
> sisters had flower names too).

"Keeping up Appearances" - quite apt for this thread! Especially given the surname is pronounced "bookay" (aka bouquet). Classic Brit humour!

(BW I think it was Onslow)

Cheers, Frank.

   I used to encounter these EAV things
> that were popular with a product I helped support, but they were usually
> called "frameworks". There was an informal spin-off business built on
> them, complete with a travelling circus of loosely-amalagamated
> consultants, all of whom made it a point never to stay in one country
> too long. Anyway, my question for the developers was always the same
> sarcastic one: "when will you get around to writing the compiler?". A
> couple of times witless managements were persuaded to echo the question
> but that was just for laughs, it didn't really do any good.
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