Re: Objects and Relations

From: paul c <>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 16:27:33 GMT
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Bob Badour wrote:
> ...
> As a devout lifelong atheist, I feel I have to step up and defend my
> irrationality here. Atheism is at least as irrational as any other
> religion or superstition. Some argue it is the least rational of
> religions because it doesn't offer the emotional crutch of promised
> salvation, ritual or social interaction.
> True objectivity demands agnosticism in the absense of empirical evidence.
> ...

Alright, if you want to, go ahead and call me an atheist of the CWA flavour. The supernatural can exist in the logical complement of my narrow-minded db but I constrain my positive facts so the fanatics can't muck them up.

> Are you suggesting perhaps we could benefit from accepting what we
> cannot change?

We must accept the presence of phoney mystics here and elsewhere and even that they seem to think volume equals validity or loudness trumps relevance. All I was trying to say was that I don't see how you can shout the bloody eejits down at this distance, just recognize that a little more discipline by the handful of smarter people here might increase their own rate of progress, after all, you are out-numbered. It just bugs me when the Marshalls and Jogs and others here who I learn from allow themselves to get drawn into these unprovable metaphysics.

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