Re: why hierarchy?

From: Keith H Duggar <>
Date: 27 Jul 2006 23:54:38 -0700
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paul c wrote:
> Neo wrote:
> > Ok, so you are saying if a dbd user represents a person
> > named Suzie whose parents are John and Mary via ...
> > ...
> No, I'm not. I think I need to see some English first and
> preferably some formal notation outside of dbd script
> which defines what dbd does, before I can understand the
> phrase 'dbd user represents a person', as well as the rest
> of the dbd syntax. I'll have to give up on that until I
> see something along those lines.

Paul, I don't think you are /ever/ going to get something along these lines. Because Neo either doesn't know how to provide it, is embarrassed to provide it, has a persecution complex, or is paranoid and erroneously thinks he is going to make millions off an RM "alternative" that took him "10 years" to develop.

I found these Neo comments illuminating:

Neo wrote:
> Currently dbd doesn't implement user/app-defined
> constraints. To do so, one would need to write an
> application in C/C++ which calls dbd via its API.
> Currently, dbd's select statements do not perform math
> operations, sums, total, etc. For example, find all person
> who were hired after 1/1/06. It can do something similar,
> find all current employees who have signed clients X, Y
> and Z on Date1, Date2, and have senority A, B and C.

I think if he ever does reveal the fruit of "10 years" we are going to find out it's just yet another implementation of a network model with a few C++ pointers (as in numerical addresses) pointing in directions Neo considers novel.

Alas, it seems he is just going to continue playing secret squirrel games hiding his nuts in the garden and squawking for people to search for them.

Though, to be fair, his persistence is somewhat impressive, no?

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