Re: why hierarchy?

From: Neo <>
Date: 26 Jul 2006 13:22:56 -0700
Message-ID: <>

> I suspect the former isn't possible as it would necessarily require some unknown to become known for any demonstration to work. This would seem a fallacy if one agrees that the known can't also be unknown.

T1 (ie today)
Have someone specify a relatively simple problem (ie model john and mary). You post SQL script to store/query data. I post dbd's script to store/query data.

T2 (ie later today or tomorrow)
Have someone specify additional data requirements. You/I show/compare the impact on data/script to accomodate new requirements.

The above simulates a customer specifying new/additional requirements after project has been updated to meet customer's prior requirements. Received on Wed Jul 26 2006 - 22:22:56 CEST

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