Re: why hierarchy?

From: Neo <>
Date: 26 Jul 2006 11:57:27 -0700
Message-ID: <>

> Is the arrival of one of these brain/code dumps of Neo's the c.d.t.
> version of Godwin's Law ?
> [ horror snipped ]

Once you actually post SQL equivalent to the initial data/query and try to update it to meet future unknown data requirements, you will see that dbd's is simpler. If you want to verify this, please post script. Also dbd's scripts can be made simpler. For example:

(new 'eve 'person)

is equivalent to:

(; Create a person named eve)
(create person instance (it))
(create (it) name (block
                          (create word instance (it))
                          (create (it) symbolizedBy (create 'e 'v 'e))
                          (return (it))))

Or you can see the difference in script length/complexity in recent thread titled "Gray Hair is still relevant" Received on Wed Jul 26 2006 - 20:57:27 CEST

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