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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 18:40:13 GMT
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I liked that one. Reminded me of when I was helping a medium-sized airline go bankrupt. They had paid a German supplier to design an interface from their flight system to a robotic warehouse at their hub.   There were something like fourteen different messages, eg. "flight xyz has departed JFK", "flight xyz has arrived" and so forth. The robotic system would shuffle packages and containers around based on cargo destination, soonest next flights out and so forth. But lots of contingencies had been ignored, eg., there was no provision for a flight that might be re-directed after taking off, say due to bad weather at the scheduled destination.

The warehouse machines were said to contain the same database as the cargo system, which was in-between the flight system and the warehouse computers, so I proposed that only three types of messages were needed, namely 'insert', 'update' and 'delete'. This went nowhere and the original scheme was implemented. I also noted that the airline's fact book listed about 100,000 more annual passenger departures than arrivals!

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