Re: OO versus RDB

From: Marshall <>
Date: 26 Jun 2006 09:42:22 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Bob Badour wrote:
> Marshall wrote:
> "Buzzword compliance management" <- ROFLMAO
> I can picture the CEO giving the speech at the kickoff meeting:
> [...]
> That next generation breakthrough paradigm is "buzzwords compliance."
> Going forward, we have to leverage all of the latest buzzwords to create
> a buzzword synergy. To achieve sustainability, we must utilize all the
> latest buzzwords in every one of our software projects. This means we
> will have to take the extreme programming discipline of not relying on
> any feature from any technology. We have to become agile enough to
> switch to any new buzzword at the speed of thought.
> [...]
> After reducing our North American IT staff by half, our remaining North
> American IT staff will receive training in Buzzword Analysis and Design
> (BA/D) from--and be helped into this new paradigm by--consultants at The
> Buzzword Factory, the cutting-edge experts in this breakthrough paradigm.

Damn that was funny. BA/D!

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