Re: How to Tell if You Are a Crank

From: Cimode <>
Date: 21 Jun 2006 12:17:53 -0700
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An example of sheer brillance about data management theory...A present from Fraud number 1...

Alfredo Novoa wrote:
> Marshall ha escrito:
> > One test would be to go in to a newsgroup on a topic one was
> > familiar with. If one is quite shy and doesn't say much, one is
> > probably not a crank. But perhaps one posts a lot. Are one's
> > ideas greeted with a mix of agreement and disagreement?
> > That would be normal. Are one's ideas greeted with universal
> > derision? Does one then hypothesize that all the posters there
> > are in cahoots against you? That would be a sign that one was
> > a crank.
> It depends on the percentage of cranks in the group.
> Write in borland.public.*.oodesign and you will think that you are a
> crank :)
> comp.object is not far from that. Specially after Mikito leaved it.
> BTW Cimode is the biggest crank I have seen on the newsgroups.
> Regards
> Alfredo
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