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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 17:24:40 +0300
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"Erwin" <> wrote in message
> > What else ?

> I'd have to consult my friend little Robert. (And don't come
> complaining if I turn up with twenty new pages of idiom ;-))))))))


> > Adieu!

> Adieu ??? I was hoping more for something like "au revoir"
> ;-))))))))))))))

> PS I don't understand why you respond with a poem "to the critics".

Nevermind. Neither do I.

> I once tried to express my feeling that your posts are often
> unintelligible in the sense that it is often extrememly difficult to
> make up some clear point out of them. That is about the only criticism
> I directed towards you, and I still stand wholeheartedly, truly and
> honestly behind that remark. I certainly never had the intention to
> offend, nor to insult, nor to denegrate, nor to humiliate, nor to
> what-have-you of that kind ...

Then what is with this:
"That's something you cannot possibly know about"

and this:

> PPS good luck with whatever exams you're still facing.
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