Re: Is SQL procedural or non-procedural?

From: David Cressey <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 18:04:24 GMT
Message-ID: <IcYjg.2943$oE3.2915_at_trndny04>

"Bob Badour" <> wrote in message news:lNTjg.322$
> David Cressey wrote:

> Your comment about "how wrong I was" applies to the Oracle CBO, and not
> > necessarily to the CBO's of other products.
> > We've been talking past each other.
> Keep in mind that Paul is part of the Oracle borg. No other dbmses exist
> in his universe.

In that case, he should be aware that Oracle Corp. bought the rights to DEC Rdb/VMS from DEC in October of 1994.

And, I am told by people who ought to know, that the DEC Rdb/VMS optimizer had a strong infuence on the design of the first version of the CBO for Oracle RDBMS. The fact that Oracle programmers are still busy trying to outfox the optimizer says more about Oracle culture than about anything else. Received on Wed Jun 14 2006 - 20:04:24 CEST

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