Re: All hail Neo!

From: mAsterdam <>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 11:37:30 +0200
Message-ID: <444b4acf$0$31646$>

Neo wrote:
> Having received many names throughout serveral years, I can certainly
> respect someone who finds name calling to be sickening. I will try to
> remember that I am treating others like morons by repeating the same
> blind spots over and over again. I will try to be less boring.

Thank you.

> PS. Are you aware that my emulation of Bob and swearing in this thread
> was to verify Jay Dee's hypothesis that being polite is sometimes a
> greater barrier to communication than being rude?

Sometimes I am impolite.
I don't know all rituals of all groups I am in. Sometimes I even don't care about all its rituals. Deliberate impoliteness is very rare to me, I am not skilled at it. It may be efective at times.

Systematic deliberate impoliteness crosses a border I do not wish to cross. I've seen to much damage of it. Received on Sun Apr 23 2006 - 11:37:30 CEST

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