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From: Laura Hirsh <>
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 11:59:22 GMT
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Gosh, seems that someone of your obvious intelligence would at least know how to use a spelling checker... or they perhaps might even check that dictionary of yours for the proper spelling of words before using them.

Educating everyone one Spelling 101,


"Timothy J. Bruce" <> wrote in message
> mAsterdam et al:
> I hate to add Yet Another Term, but here is yet another term:
> ultracrepidarian: (n., adj.) a person who gives opinions beyond her
> scope of knowledge.
> Ex: She is obviously an ultracrepidarian judging by her clumsey
> attempts to debunk what she fails to even comprehend.
> Educating everyone on ineffibility,
> Timothy J. Bruce
> </RANT>
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