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From: Jan Hidders <>
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 01:06:50 GMT
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Dawn M. Wolthuis wrote:

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>>Dawn M. Wolthuis wrote:
>>>So, if "the Pizza has Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese" is stored as:
>>>Pizza Mozzarella
>>> Parmesan
>>>in a single, uh, record, then if the ordering is unwittingly useful, we
>>>didn't harm that ordering.
>>Indeed, but you did make certain query-optimizations impossible.
> If there were emperical data suggesting that queries on this model in PICK
> were faster than those on a 1NF model in any DBMS purporting to be
> relational, then I would not be concerned.

My goodness. Do I really have to explain to you what the trade-offs are between a DBMS with a declarative query language and a good query optimizer vs. a system with an imperative query language and no query optimizer? Could you, just to indulge me, sketch for me what you think the trade-offs are and under what circumstances you would prefer one type of system over the other?

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