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From: Dawn M. Wolthuis <>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 06:53:37 -0500
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> Dawn M. Wolthuis wrote:
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> >>Dawn M. Wolthuis wrote:
> >>
> >>>So, if "the Pizza has Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese" is stored as:
> >>>
> >>>Pizza Mozzarella
> >>> Parmesan
> >>>
> >>>in a single, uh, record, then if the ordering is unwittingly useful, we
> >>>didn't harm that ordering.
> >>
> >>Indeed, but you did make certain query-optimizations impossible.
> >
> > If there were emperical data suggesting that queries on this model in
> > were faster than those on a 1NF model in any DBMS purporting to be
> > relational, then I would not be concerned.


> My goodness. Do I really have to explain to you what the trade-offs are
> between a DBMS with a declarative query language and a good query
> optimizer vs. a system with an imperative query language and no query
> optimizer? Could you, just to indulge me, sketch for me what you think
> the trade-offs are and under what circumstances you would prefer one
> type of system over the other?

That is really the big question I'm trying to answer -- why, after knowing Oracle and other RDBMS software, would I choose to go wtih a database that doesn't follow the rules for being a database? I'm still trying to pinpoint that myself.

When I would choose a product, such as UniData or UniVerse from IBM, over DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, etc?

When the dollars for the initial investment and the ongoing support of the software are coming out of my pocket! And, yes, quality issues are a major part of the total cost of ownership, as well as the ability to modify the system at low cost for the life of the database & software applicastions.

Why does it seem to me that the TCO for PICK is so much lower than for Oracle (for example)? Is it an illusion? I haven't gotten to the bottom of this yet. Cheers! --dawn Received on Fri Apr 09 2004 - 13:53:37 CEST

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