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From: Barry <>
Date: 18 Dec 2003 14:07:35 -0800
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shannon <> wrote in message news:<brp8q5$pq3$01$>...
> hi all,
> I need to construct an ER diagram involving a student. The student has
> the usual attributes including student number, name, telephone etc.
I suggest a different approach based on studying relevant Data Models and then creating one that meets your requirements.

This the approach that I would suggest which will help you in constructing an ER diagram that culd be used to design a Database for an operational system :-

  1. Start by looking at the Student-related Models on this page of the Database Answers web site :-
  2. Identify the Data Model(s) that most closely match your requirements.
  3. Choose the Entities that you need (a valuable learning experience)
  4. Assemble the corresponding Business Rules
  5. Modify the Rules as appropriate.
  6. Assemble some Test Data - just 10 or 20 records.
  7. Define a typical User Scenario based on the test data.
  8. Put 4 pieces of paper on a desk or table -
  9. Data MOdels ii) Business Rules iii) User Scenarios iv) Test Data
  10. Reflect on them while driving, in the shower, on the bus/train, out walking and so on.
  11. Prepare a presentation to show the requirements,(Rules), and the logic of your solution.
  12. Let me know how it goes !

Good luck.

Barry Williams Received on Thu Dec 18 2003 - 23:07:35 CET

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