Re: Is mysql a RDBMS ?

From: Christopher Browne <>
Date: 28 Aug 2003 15:52:54 GMT
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Centuries ago, Nostradamus foresaw when "Mikito Harakiri" <> would write:
> In general, yes, you are formally right, SQL is not quite The Best
> Relational Model Representative. But, everybody on this group is
> aware of that, and some may find that reiterating the same old
> arguments is just annoying. I'm including a brilliant post from
> David Cressey summarizing that idea:
> <quote>
> People have been saying that "real Christianity has never been
> tried" for two thousand years now.
> People have been saying that "real communism has never been tried"
> for about a hundred and fifty years.
> Don't expect people to stop saying that "A real relational system has never
> been implemented". You will just be disappointed.
> </quote>

I think that's a pretty good way of putting things. I also think Chesterton put it pretty well too :-).

There are some things about SQL that aren't "ideal," just as there are things in organized churches that are not ideal.

Absent of something that is _actually available_ as a better alternative to SQL, we're going to have "make do" by trying to use SQL as well as we can.

That means, amongst other things that we need to at least try to discourage SQL usage that is sufficiently badly-framed that it can reasonably be considered, um, "heretical." :-)

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difficult and not tried." -- G.K. Chesterton
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