Re: Relational/hierarchical data problem

From: Neo555 <>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 21:25:14 +0000
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> I'd agree with that - what's the alternative method?

The alternative method uses a small experimental database meant for artificial intelligence applications. The sample report above was generated by code running against the aidb. I will post the general algorithm here and more detailed steps on a separate web page. Because the aidb has no reporting capabilities currently, it instead dumps the report to a tab-delimited text file which could be imported into Excel or Access for further manipulation. Although it would not be an apple-to-apple comparison, you could download the software and compare performance.

I have some specific questions:

  1. Should the Consag Report take the animal's sex(M/F) into consideration? Should g1 and gX be opposite sex? The above report did not take the animal's sex into consideration.
  2. Should the Consag Report take an animal's ancestor level into consideration. When the distance between g1 and gX is equal to g1 and gY, would gY be preferred if its generation-level was closest to that of g1? The above report does not show generation-levels directly.
  3. Is the provided report usable or missing needed info?

Ideally, if you can email ( your data as a text file that would provide the best comparison. Otherwise, how many pairs of goats did you start with, approx how many ancestor levels do you have, approx how many goats total, etc.

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