Re: The Practical Benefits of the Relational Model

From: Alfredo Novoa <>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 01:38:14 GMT
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On Sun, 22 Sep 2002 09:44:26 +1000, "mountain man" <> wrote:

>> >Under my proposed arrangement, if the client had contracted
>> >with a software vendor for the provision of a new software
>> >package, then the vendor will simply provide the client with
>> >a database within which reside the database stored procedures
>> >which define - in totality - the new application (less the portal).
>> And why not the entire system with the portal?
>Perhaps I was not clear. The portal is an integral part of the
>arrangement and exists as the user interface to the (R)DBMS.

What I meant is that the database may be a good place for the information which define the user interface.

It is sometimes called database presentation rules.

>> But the data integrity is enforced using procedural code, and it is
>> costly and error prone.
>While you may have such a view of such practice, let me assure you
>that it is neither costly nor error prone when done properly.

Well, what I meant is that it is costly and error prone compared to doing it declaratively.

> It is not
>costly simply because once the checks are established, automation
>kicks in and replicates the effect as long as the system runs for zero

But the difficulty is in establishing the checks with procedural code instead of declarative statements.

>Environment 2 consists of DB2, Oracle, SQLServer and the host
>of other (R)DBMS software.
>I have no problem with the role Dataphor is assuming in its
>endeavor to make RDBMS out of (R)DBMS.

Ah, I thougth that (R)DBMS meant relational DBMS. If (R)DBMS means pseudo RDBMS then I agree :)

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