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From: Lennart Jonsson <>
Date: 16 May 2002 12:56:26 -0700
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Lukasz Giermek <> wrote in message news:<>...
> Hi,
> well, the problem is that one event can have an assigment to many people
> and each time this could be different group of people..
> > Why not stick with the simple and have one table for each individual
> > employee,
> > and allocate a unique ID to the table. Then have a separate table for
> > event
> > details, with one of the columns being the employee_id. Or have I
> > misunderstood your question?
> >
> > Omar

something like

create table persons (

	person_id integer not null,
	firstname char(20),
	constraint xpkpersons primary key (id)


create table events (

	event_id integer not null,
	event_time timestamp not null,
	description char(100),
	constraint xpkevents primary key (id)


create table participants (

	person_id integer not null,
	event_id  integer not null,
	constraint xpkparticipants primary key (person_id, event_id),
	constraint xfk1participants foreign key (person_id)
		references persons on delete cascade,
       constraint xfk1participants foreign key (event_id)
		references events on delete cascade


will do if each person can participate only once in each event

Hope it helps
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