Re: Comparing: Access,Visual Foxpro and Filemaker

From: David Hare-Scott <TiredOfSpam_at_eMPTY.COM>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 16:53:32 +1100
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"David Jackson" <> wrote in message
> I would appreciate some objecive/subjective opinions or URLs showing
> comparsions

I doubt that you will get too much objectivity in most discusions but there are hints here and there. If you feel mischievous why don't you cross-post to Access and filemaker NGs? Only choking.

> between MS-Access,Visual Fox Pro and Filemaker?
> I've never used any Fox Pro, or Visual Fox Pro.
> I used M-Access access on a couple different jobs.
> Recently I been tinkering with a trial version of Filemaker-5.5, and
> I'm not sure it is truely relational? Or a SQL database? For intance
> there's no easy why to create a join between 3 tables? Or creating new
> tables with select into statements? Or is it just me?

Search the google NG archives of for a number of Filemaker vs Access threads and some URL references to function/feature comparisons.

As I understand it Foxpro is 'in maintenance mode' meaning it has no future. The number of users and manifest support say to me that the choice is between the other two but not Fox unless you have to maintain a legacy app. The rumour is that Microsoft bought Foxpro to (a) get rid of an active competitor to Access and to (b) get their hands on Rushmore technology for use in JET (the native Access engine).

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