Re: Comparing: Access,Visual Foxpro and Filemaker

From: Gene Wirchenko <>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 07:08:52 GMT
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"David Hare-Scott" <TiredOfSpam_at_eMPTY.COM> wrote:


>As I understand it Foxpro is 'in maintenance mode' meaning it has no future.
>The number of users and manifest support say to me that the choice is
>between the other two but not Fox unless you have to maintain a legacy app.
>The rumour is that Microsoft bought Foxpro to (a) get rid of an active
>competitor to Access and to (b) get their hands on Rushmore technology for
>use in JET (the native Access engine).

     Ah, yes, the so-called imminent death of FoxPro.

     Microsoft bought FoxPro about TEN years ago. Since then, they released an object-oriented version (which was a considerable extension to the language) and various versions since then. The current version is 7.

    The U.S. military uses a system written mostly in Fox for handling logistics. If you can find a copy of the issue of FoxPro Advisor that the write-up appeared in (June 1998?), you're in for a treat.


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