Re: how to query the structure of a database

From: Wolf Nuecker <>
Date: 29 Jan 2002 03:33:53 -0800
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"Massimo Fuccillo" <> wrote in message news:<D8958.18173$>...
> Hi all
> Is there a standard way (using SQL) to query the structure of a database?
> In other words:
> one or more query to obtain the names of the non system tables,
> one or more query, for each table, to obtain field names, field types, field
> sizes
> one or more query for the constraints, indexes etc.
> independently from the database provider (Oracle, Db2, Sqlserver, etc)
> Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
> Regards
> Massimo Fuccillo

For SQL92(full) you should find standard tables (TABLES, USERS etc.) in schema INFORMATION_SCHEMA, but few DB-vendors actually seem to care...

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